Answers to FAQs about the GRA Venture Fund

Which companies are eligible to receive GRA Venture Fund investment?

Companies that participate in the GRA Ventures commercialization program are eligible for fund investment.

How does GRA Ventures relate to the technology transfer programs at universities?

GRA Ventures (separate from the GRA Venture Fund, LLC) is the commercialization program of the Georgia Research Alliance. It evaluates projects emerging through university tech transfer programs and provides milestone-based grants and loans to promising technologies, thus igniting the creation of new companies. GRA Ventures' university representatives provide ongoing management and consultation to venture companies.

Who are the investors in the Fund?

The State of Georgia, private individuals, corporations and foundations.

Who manages the GRA Venture Fund, LLC?

A Managing Director oversees the Fund, along with a Board of Directors made up of accomplished business leaders who invest in the Fund.

What distinguishes the Fund from other venture capital funds?

The Fund’s Managing Director has early access to (and input into) newly launched companies emerging from universities and developing through the GRA Ventures commercialization pipeline.

The GRA Venture Fund’s Board of Directors is a strong asset; the men and women who serve on the Board have a defined track record of success in business and industry. The Board also stays engaged with each enterprise receiving investment from the Fund, providing business counsel and leadership mentoring that helps propel the company’s growth and development.

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